Aimaan Ahmad: Keep thinking to sell something at "pasar malam"

Jun 1, 2011

Keep thinking to sell something at "pasar malam"

Hi.Salam kamu-kamu.

Do u know what , I'm always thinking to sell something at Pasar Malam.

But till now,I never sell something yet except got a subject during my tertiary force me to sell something.
Nih. Budak-budak ni kena buka booth, pastu semua pakat melelong their things.
I sell ice-cream GorenG! Best gilerrrrr!

Most of them,
success to open their booth around 9.0oam.
Start screaming here and over there.
But mine, got a problem with supplier at that time.
sampai lecturer come to us.
Haiya! Apa bisness ni, buka
lambat.mana nak laku.

So frustrated.

Frustrated lagi ni.
Jom vote sat! Jap gi sambung cerita balik na.

at 11.00am
I got the thing
start to prepare the thing

all Ice-cream Goreng RUN-OUT
200 pieces beb!

gila tak gila.hok hok hooyeei.
Kau tahu macamana ternganga jiran-jiran booth.haha!
( boleh gelak jahat)

Now! I learn from the previous experience.Till now I never go down to pasar malam
for sell thing, but i tapau all the foods adelah.
Bukan malaysian la wey, kalau tak penah pegi pasar malam.
Agak-agak la bandaran kau kan!

yet, I want to be like them
why them? they're millionaire.

who dun know? please nodding your head.

they 're spouse.Dato Stapa & Dato Azlina
They're very friendly person. percayalah!

Tapi nak tunjuk jugak.haish.
Yes.I met her.

Dapat serba banyak aura Dato.

Thanks for reading this entry!

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