Aimaan Ahmad: World Championship Marching Showbands 2011 KL

Jun 20, 2011

World Championship Marching Showbands 2011 KL

Fyi, Malaysia menjadi tuan rumah untuk event dunia ini. Dalam banyak-banyak negara yang menghantar proposal, rezeki pada negara kita tahun 2011. What I'm going to share is this event will have a lot of tourist & visitor at that time. Then segala aktiviti dan tingkahlaku will be judge from the foreigner. Belum cerita pasal kebersihan negara kan. ( ini kategori berleter ke)ahha. It's not that point actually.

This event called World Championship Marching Show Bands 2011.

To whom never watch this show bands real before, now is time for it. Those people who want to get information regarding this event or to booked ticket. You can visit, HERE. and also you can click on the picture below. :)

This event will be held start from 23 JULY 2011 To 31 JULY 2011. I like to put event tentative below for information.

  • 22-24 July Arrival of bands
  • 25 July Opening Ceremony/ Street Parade - Bukit Bintang
  • 26 July Welcome Dinner
  • 27 July Preliminary I - Stadium Bolasepak KL, Cheras
  • 28 July Preliminary II - Stadium Bolasepak KL, Cheras
  • 29 July Drum Battle - Pavilion
  • National schools Championship - Stadium Bolasepak KL, Cheras
  • 30 July Grand Final - Stadium Bolasepak KL, Cheras

They're enjoy playing instrument to audiences. Below!

Stampede Showband Calgary World Music Contest Kerkrade Street parade

To those who want to be volunteer, you also can visit HERE to sign up & adding your saving money. Especially who unemployed, students,etc.

Thanks for reading this entry!

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