Aimaan Ahmad: Dior Snow, The power of glowing skin.

Jun 1, 2014

Dior Snow, The power of glowing skin.


I never have trust to this brand until I've experienced used it. This brand has been introduced by my aunty, from Brunei. She's good in beauty product knowledge and she's beautiful. Some people assumes her still 30's but she's 55 years old already. 

I'm still remembered one day, we were walking around Halal Festival Event 2014 at Kuala Lumpur City Centre and been approached by a seller from Arab Emirates United. The seller is selling beautician   product , specifically masker. 

Then the seller promoting words, " I'm just 30's, but look at me. I looks younger than my ages." 
My aunty asked her back," Please guess my ages." 
" You're 35 years old". 
Then both of us was laughing crazily. "Nope, I'm 55 years old".
"uhhh then you should tell us what your tips"

Ended up we just buy what they sell for try. why not. Btw, my review is about Dior snow set.
Dior is always quality. Whether it's clothes, sunglasses or skin creme. I've never been disappointed. This was no exception. My skin is changing. Before this, I'm suffering dry skin problem. and a lit bit of pigmentation. I used these set of product patiently until fully recovered.

I've bought it in set; toner, serum essence, mosturizer and foundation. For facial foam, I only ngam with Garnier at that time because of my skin also sensitive skin. Then now, my facial foam is sf beauty  brand.

My pores are getting smaller and it seems that dark spots have lightened. When your read  the ingredients and the first thing you see is water. You can feel good about putting this on your skin.

See!! I put mini sticky note at every, to avoid me putting it wrongly. Budak hingusan betul guna product ni. But its okay. Now I'm okay with it. I used it happily. For your information, I've been using it for more than a year. This set can be use for almost a year and saving your account lah :). It's worth the money. Luckily, I've got sponsored these cosmetics from my aunty. Looks like she want me look beautiful as her.

I think it work really well. No more breakouts! Skin's clearer and smoother.


My addition advice is just drink more plenty water a day. 
Its keep you away from doctor.:) Chill.

Thanks for reading this entry!

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