Aimaan Ahmad: Keep on reading, not "ulat buku"

Oct 19, 2014

Keep on reading, not "ulat buku"

Compulsory monthly investment

Been in Kl for short trip is a very super hectic schedule and what I really enjoy was been in any bookstores. I managed to grab those best seller author book currently and now, can't sleep well coz excitement enzyme has rolling up and down inside me.

I chose to read "rich dad poor dad" first.

I've new habit recently. Any stores, I will ask them either they offer membership or not. The purpose of asking them is I want to know what benefit of membership. Then I managed to get free MPH membership by purchased above RM100. Every RM1 equal to 1 point. Each 100 point, can redeem RM5. In addition, they celebrate your birthday every year by giving 15 % off on books and double points.

This is crazy. Enjoy up to 25% discount on selected new and hot titles every month.
#mph store has control me successfully.

Why I bought #diagnosis? Ini kisah pengalaman doctors. Business people tiada experience mereka.

Why I bought kuasai pemasaran #facebook by #dao? Teknik pemasaran terjimat masa kini.

Why I bought jejak mentor pelaburan #saham by #mohdasriahmad? Sebab abang saya penulis buku ini. Ahahahaa acah je!! Ilmu saham tak boleh langgar tembok atau redah redah redah. Ini cari bala namanya. Hangus sesaja je wang pelaburan. kalau gigi dah longgar pergi makan epal. Tak ke tercabut semua gigi tu. So tanya lah atau menuntutlah ilmu dahulu sebelum menceburi bidang itu.

Surah 96 Al Alaq : Ayat 3 -4.
"Bacalah dengan nama Tuhanmu Yang Maha Pemurah, mengajar manusia melalui pena dan tulisan."

Reading habit nurtures by my parents. Till now, mom and dad continuosly reading any books even though they have to wear glasses. Gigih. We have book walls board. From top ceiling touch down floor. Dah macam bilik profesor cerita Harry Porter.

Ayah's birthday present? Book. Hohohohoho

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  1. rich dad poor dad..mmg best.tgh baca..baru tak buku diagnosis tu?


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