Aimaan Ahmad: Travel : Hatyai, Thailand

Nov 6, 2012

Travel : Hatyai, Thailand

Assalamualaikum. Andai satu hari 10 entri, meesti bagi sepoloh kali salamlah. Sebab saya nak mendoakan kesejahteraan anda semua! Berani cakap 10 entri satu hari,sedangkan setahun satu entri pon. Menggagau sis Aimaan nak sentuh keyboard. haha!

Travelogue Hatnyai Thailand dah bersawang. Kenapa saya cakap mcm tu? All is about a year ago.kehkehkeh. Long time ago, still fresh in my mind. So why not we share kannn. =) To those who really love travelling, who only choose travel as buang stress. Now this is one of economy budget travel.  Welcome to Hatnyai. awwwwwuuuuuuuu.  acacah travel guide!

So well, why it is economy saving? Just only cost you RM 250, hotel,food enjoyful included. 3 days 2night. Are you agreed this is quite cheap? Okay! Sis Aimaan going there with my mum, cousin and my brother. We enter  Malaysia and Thailand boarder by bus. Once you enter Thailand, haha I tengah jawab semasa chop di Imegresen. Taksedar kau ! 1 minit rm 1o renggit melayang. So then, reminding yourself. Focus okay! 

Once reach Hatnyai, our travel guide straight away bring us to our hotel, which QI Hotel. The hotel is like shoplot ,but don't easy assume they are messy, unsystematic. Qi Hotel has provide good facilities such as elavator, filter, queen bed, aircond and the location in the middle of Hatnyai Town. Because of very satisfied with the low cost hotel, I'm asking to the concierge people. How much per room per day which have 2 queen bed? 500 bath! rm 50 only! So bole stay dalam 4 org satu bilik. okay kannnn! =)

Agenda pertama, mestilah money exchange. Most of money exchange shop,  will put a lot of bunga mangga yang di kelip2 dengan duit just to attract and inform tourist. " WE ARE MONEY EXCHANGER" haha!  Very simple to account , RM 1 equal to 10 bath.  RM100 EQUAL to 1000 bath. Wow! You got TEN THOUSAND BATH! Haha. Bersepah duit, sampai pening lalat jugak. Terus rasa kaya. Untuk hari pertama, memang pening sikit nak saving sebab rasa kaya sesaat. (^_^)

Creative! Bunga Mangga!

Hatnyai Town! Nestle malaysia di thailandkan. =)

That kereta sapu! They called it tut tut tut. Because of the honk is sound tuttuttut. Enjoy naik tuttut. Rasa macam miss world. Nak je aku melambai2 kat orang kampung!

Nora Plaza. Tempat nak borong2,shopping murah. Tapi  I want to remind u guys. Bargain serendah yang boleh. Sebab mereka memang suka margin besar. Kalau orang malas fikir, ambil dan bayar. Untung besar lah mereka. Tempat pelanconggg =)

I can't remember what the name of this place? such hot market. Orang jual2 atas sampan2. Macam2 makanan unik samapai tak berani nak makan. Mereka suka pakai tudung, just to get more volume of sale. Most of tourist is islam religion. They trick us. Beware! =)  All comment regarding other product, quite good and beautiful. I bought myself  stainless steel bracelet. Still in good condition till now.

A spice of life (^_^)

snap toilet spell. For emergency purpose. They cant speak english very well , in addition their dialect  not easy to understand. 

Dinner! Our travel guide has provide very good service, the best food. For every meal. 

In front of QI Hotel. Tengah tunggu tut tut.  Sightseeing pasar malam. 

 Hari ketiga,  rindu Malaysia dah!  I'm wearing purple blouse, bought there cost 180 bath. 

The best thing found out :
 ** Seafood, Tomyam, Icecream, Airkelapa laut at Sarila Island.
** Shopping barang murah. You can find good quality as well at lower price.
** Economy travel

** Beware while going for shopping. 
** Don't scare to bargain. Their voice high, as long you get what you want.
** Once you bargain, mean you wanna buy. They will force you to buy.
** Keep your money properly.  


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