Aimaan Ahmad: Travel : Culture learning in Kelantan

Mar 4, 2015

Travel : Culture learning in Kelantan

In the midst of hectic life, I spend time for my close friend's wedding in Kelantan. I'm traveling to South , then go to North, and straight away to West and last destination is Kuala Lumpur. I've been travelled the whole Peninsular Malaysia in a week. Tiring but happy. Couldn't describe it one word. :)

I went to Kelantan through Gerik Perak and reached Machang around 7pm. Our journey started around 12pm from Station 18 Ipoh. Steady and safe driving dude! We took 7hours to arrive. The journey has many stop points, everything to try and going to toilet almost 30 minutes.

I thought travelling to Kelantan should spend more money on fuel, but viceversa. I spent only RM 34 to reach Machang and still got 3 bars left. That was awesome and we share it for two. I only spent RM 17. Oh, thats cheap!:) Toll cost only RM 6 at exit Kuala Kangsar.

Alhamdulillah we arrived safely and straight away helping people for tomorrow's preparation. Menantu idaman tidak macam tu. Adab.

I never see Kelantanese Bekwoh (replace kenduri) at kampung area. Relatives and friends keep coming in and the event is merrier than I thought. What's crossed into my mind? People really can save money if prepare the bekwoh themself rather than appoint wedding planner.

A family member has prepared the pelamin, photo corner, doorgift, lauk pauk etc.

The gotong royong's activities really amazing between them and its normal if there is something teribbly headache thing happen, OMG! tukang masak got kematian in her family and cannot come and cook. 😓 We all masak.sigh.

One thing I never experience is people really give thing if attended to Bekwoh. Something like rice, milk, sugar, presents and etc. That was exciting experienced when the bride and groom open the present and gift one by one.

Very unique :)

Here are some photos to be shared :)

At Khadijah's Market. The last time I came here in year 2011. The ambience is same, but the seller changed already.

 The Jeruks. 

 A variety of food, I had tried telor itik. It's tasteful love!

 " Why time flies so fast and I have to go back? Hey, don't photo!."

 " I'm crying love (; The weird thing is if I cut the onion, I does not feel like crying. If my friend's cutting the bawang, the house like to flood, you know. "

 The best laksa at Khadijah's market is Kak Ros corner.

 Went to Bekwoh but still not trying this kerabu sarang. Regret not tried.

Marriage brings happiness tremendously. Totally the flow of life went smoothly and even though there is circumstances in between, its show you how strong your relationship when both are in ups and down.

Thus, I was so happy being here for 5 days.

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