Aimaan Ahmad: flashback 20 years ago

Mar 23, 2015

flashback 20 years ago

While we are seating at dining table with sibling this morning, we woke up for sahur then suddenly sister brings up the story of childish behavior during kindergarten and primary school. There was so many stories that we laughed together.

When I was young, I always feel my father was very anger man. I scared to talk and share to him. Till every morning, if dad forgot to leave money on table, we just silently go to the school. Teacher will call us to meet dad, and he came for our daily expenses (1 dollar).  Recall back dad's sacrificed, then we realized that he is loving man but not clever at expression.

One day Dad sent sis to kindergarten by motorcycle and while on the way, the shoes peel off. At that time, she just keep silence and till reach school, she lets father know about it. Then Dad looking back to find the shoes on the road. How scared is she.haha. Then we laughing.

I consider lucky to have every sibling 1 year younger. So we lived like friends.

I flashbacked my child story, I remember I started business at 8 years old. The talents that I love doing it till now. What I had done? I am selling nugget and fries at sekolah agama. Went back from primary school and straight away to the kitchen to fry the fastfood. I also don't know why my friends do not fry itself at home. and don't know where the idea came. haha so struggle.

I am the one will cry if lost in the shopping mall. Angah and Nor are cool and steady to find my parent's car. Have you experienced it during childhood? Then they talk to me calmness.

Not really play kakak characters. Till now I can feel my adik so protective to kakak.

Oh ya. another story of my childhood life. I am pretty sure everyone went to sekolah agama after primary school is it. Me too.  I am the one who force parents to send to school because I always heard friend sharing about it while in classes in morning school session. 

Dad managed to send us to sekolah agama at other kampung nearby. The story was, I go into car and leave shoes out like masuk rumah. Then when reached sekolah agama, i dont have shoes to wear. Only dad's shoes in the car. I weared it for 3 hours. oh that ashamed. well that time i am so small cute little girl. haha

Btw, I dont have primary school's picture to share. Enjoy my secondary school geng picture.
 We went to reunion after form 5. Consider first reunion, and now most of them married. sigh.

 Like new girl, not newboyz

See, I tell you we have singer talent. Doing video clips now. Joking.

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