Aimaan Ahmad: Travel : Pulau Langkawi, Kedah

Mar 21, 2013

Travel : Pulau Langkawi, Kedah

Salam. Hi all. 
Rasa-rasa blog ini kembali bernafas, ecewahh poyos. Baru update 2 kali. This time I wanna share to you about unplanned travelogue. :D The best part was all free. Mana kau mau dapat macamni. But we have to do something in return lah.

I have been in Langkawi after many years, and  here I came again to met a bigger eagle in the world.wehuuu :D All happened after Yaya missed her flight schedule. Caused of heavy traffic jammed from Klang to Lcct in peak hour, I'm still cant help her by increased car's speed. haha! You know that time, we just see each other how to resolve, check for next flight is not relevant, Yaya came out an idea by lend her a car, and she drive alone. Memang kerja gila if we let her settle down by herself driving 5 jam perjalanan ke Jeti , after tired of workload. INI MEMANG KERJA GILA!

We're looking each other , who will offering herself to accompany her. haha! Me, Asmaa and Su decided going to Langkawi in one second. This truly awesome babe! walaubagaimanapun, kami seperti minyak kereta juga perlu d-recharge untuk memastikan kami sampai dengan selamatnya.Alhamdulillah :D

Langkawi's atmospere. U can feel it. bahahaha

Kami tersesat jalan, bukan tersesat ajaran.

Langkawi is unlike any other island in Malaysia. There is an island with fully historical  places and incredible island panorama estimated almost 200 islands I think, it only in Langkawi Island itself. Dasyat bukan! :P For many visitor, Langkawi's most fascinating sights in the Peninsular Malaysia.

Many attraction you should visit; Makam Mahsuri, Beras Terbakar, Tasik Dayang Bunting, Museum etc. I can tell u so many places there. huhuhu. Tak sempat juga nak abis kan kalau ke sana dua hari. Tak enjoy. But but but! you have choice to make it super duper enjoy. Manage your time der! :P

Btw, I have been there around 7.30 am morning,  we straight away to Yaya's house. and she prepares herself to go Lafarge company for third time interview if I remember. :) She got that job and we stayed at home awhile, rest/freshen up ourself and ready to enjoy lorh. Mungkin hasil nilai murni kami, her brother got chances to bring us along menikmati keindahan lautan langkawi dengan cruise. This is also free. MasyaAllah. Ini best sangat. its cost you RM10K if wanna feel cruise excitement.

I am first timer coming here, the place like this.
Pity me.

walk away toward our cruise experience.

Yatch Club

Bukan sahaja Yatch Club, korang juga boleh jalan-jalan sekitar Pantai Cenang. Banyak sangat kedai makan, souvenir, hotel yang affordable. Pantai Cenang is a great night-time island, and the array of after-dark diversions is staggering. There is something to interest almost everyone and if the weather is good, u can walk around the beach. Tiupan angin malam di bawah sinar rembulan. phewwww! Best sangat.

me, su ,asma. we bullied yaya to be our photographer. of cos!

If u wanna go Langkawi, there are your travel cost estimated:

Transportation by car from Petaling Jaya.
Fuel (return) RM 60
Toll (return) RM 100
Rental car RM 140-160 per day , excluded fuel.
Ferry from the Jetty Kuala Kedah to Langkawi RM 15 per person

Accomodation : suggested motel RM 70 per night. If u wanna try more comfortable, there many hotel will suit u. :)

a beautiful scene almost sunset time.

Para sailing performance

I menjaga diri sebaik yang boleh kerna jika tercampak, berenang tak bergerak-gerak. :p

See ! Their facilities, awesome!

That's Datin Asmaa sat comfortly with her big smileee.

Food served by them. a simple food but nice. Bila dah belayar sahaja, angin penuh perut jugak.

They're smart with wearing baju melayu and kebaya. Their trademark on service.

We're lucky enough to be invited by them sightseeing by cruise that usually geng dato dan menteri sahaja mampu naik. ahha :P

And the next morning, we going to Langkawi Geopark. Here, u can enjoy to feed fish, rabbit, elephant, deer and many more. Cable car (gondola) is a hectic scared feeling than Genting Highland cable car. Tambah-tambah , naik atas sana di waktu pagi penuh dengan kabus. It was surprise reaction to know what happen in front of u. Gementar babe! :P

That time, kami semua bercakap berasap-asap. Best wo!

Another thing, flying fox ! Mana yang nak cuba flying fox yang rendah-rendah tu, boleh cuba di sini.

Boleh pekena laksa the best tepi pantai. Tanya lah sapa-sapa orang Langkawi. sini memang tempat paling best :)

Hanya ini sahaja perkongsian saya tentang Langkawi yang tak di rancang. Tapi awesome!

Tahniah kepada kawanku Yaya. U're great! Dugaan kecil, impak besar. I wish you the best in every single thing u have done.

Thank for reading this entry!

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