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Feb 16, 2013

Travel : Brunei


Yes, I know! Yes, I know! It's has been a long time from previous update. Don't jump into conclusion please my dear! All of you tooo cute lorh today. Btw, this is a simple story about my trip went to Brunei Darussalam. Most people can't imagine isn't it where is located, how many inch the scale (kejam!) , is it still Malaysia territory. All questions will be answered later on. yaww :) haha

Map Of Brunei. Basicly, a country in between of Sabah and Sarawak.

Only one day, u can travel around their country. The best part is their petrol ,so cheap. haha! Currency rate likely Singapore currency. 1 BND ~ RM 2.45 usually. For last minute booking, flight ticket price can go almost RM 700 above which meal and hot seat included. If semua sepakat nak booking tiket awal , memang boleh dapat semurah RM198 return. Cheap kan :) haa you have to think about accommodation too. Standard room hotel can get around 200bnd. that what Malaysian people feel grrrr ,bcause we have to times 2.45. Then it become too expensive. If in Malaysia, we can stay in very expensive room with rm 500 above per night. Think of Palm Resort Sepang :) peace! 

Lupakan pasal currency. Now we enjoy our virtual Brunei tour. Just a little bit sharing uols. Before going to anywhere, camera checklist should be ticked. compulsory. Fully charged with a spared battery too ahaks! a long dress with roses flower dot matched together ,red bleads shawl. yeah I made my day :)  I'm not a people who like to shopping damn much, I really love mother's nature. Melihat keindahan ciptaan Allah. So, I went to Tasik Merimbum. Suggested by   Uncle Syawal.  

Ready to travel!

Tasik Merimbum is one of tourist attraction, just planning. :P it doesn't work like that.  The place is so beautiful, go green. You can get fresh air here. I came here with my close friend with an intention to find lily flower plant. We found it. But all those are gergasi lily flower. haha. Not a small lily flower that we can let them grow in a small pond in the house. At last, we bought it at the nursery. Finish and settled.haha dasar short cut. 

Tak sama macam study dulu eeeh! :P konon! Cuba bagi tahu siapa yang masa study tak suka tanya senior apa soalan past year. jangan angkat tangan. Nanti kena buuu.. haha out of topic ba. Jom cuci mata dengan gambar cun melecun.

reflection. I shooted it. Proud.coz not pro.

clear & precise. cloud.subhanallah. That big lily flower. Tumbuh merebak2.aha

Banyak rule/regulation. advice too. Rakyat Brunei suka nasihat banyak sangat. 

Reminder again! got crocodile there! Huish. But we are here already. When I go near to the tasik. I heard something at the bushes. I'm thinking of katak besar yang ganas, lari dari manusia. haha. We are safe! Jangan ingat air yang tenang tiada buaya. kannnn :)

Bagai hidup segan, mati tak mahu. Bukan aku. This place larrrr :) I met new friend there, look pity, hungry, smell. meow meow. what we do , sit near to the cat and say,we are sorry ! we don't have any food here even in the car. kesian la haiii cat. 

Long bridge. We not try to pass this bridge. Nobody there. Who will safe us if anything happen. Jangan cari masalah. No! No! no!

I went to Brunei during Raya Aidilfitri festive for a week. ops! old story, but I feel like to make diary in my blog. So memandangkan hari raya, kami ke The Mall dengan semuanya muka sopan santun berbaju melayu berbaju kurung. so sweet u guy! 

Apa pengalaman yang aku dapat?! I went to malay wedding ceremony. If you ask me about food, totally marvelous delicious. Pengantin got their colorful prestige beautiful pelamin. with bridemaid follow from the back. Women visitor and men visitor have to sit separately, same like  Malaysia sometime. But Bruneian have to wait all visitors arrived, then event will start like invitation/tentative card given. usually Malaysian not like that. Btw, semua lelaki nampak handsome with their baju melayu. haha. All of them wearing baju melayu for wedding ceremony. Even visitor. Traditional culture implemented. :P thumbs up! :)

after attend wedding ceremony!:)

U got that price :P  

Hotel in The Mall, Bandar Seri Begawan.

Seperti yang di perkatakan di awal penulisan,ceh poyo! aha. u can travel only one day here. We enjoy to visit kedai kedai ikan. Lalu membeli ikan. Taknak beli ikan kecik kecik. Lalu membeli ikan mahal mahal. haiyo. Biarkan mereka membeli.

Tuan kedai ini pro. All kois are imported. Tuan kedai tidaklah kedekut ilmu untuk mengajar mendidik menjaga ikan koi. We bought this koi. Because of bright color , lincah bergerak2. After mix with other koi, lalu menjadi leader. Koi ni jalan dulu , abis koi lain membontot. Nampak kan sifat leadership. accidently! ahaks. Then I give his/her name Datin. When grows big, baru tahu dia jantan. Maka akan bertukar terus nama nya Dato.  haha :P macam tu lahhhhhh

Datin terkurung! kahkahkah

people love matching.

To be continued......

Thank for reading this entry!

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