Aimaan Ahmad: Business Learning Process

Mar 20, 2012

Business Learning Process

Salam! Di suatu weekend, Yaya came to my house. She only want to spend time together after she had been working far away from Petaling Jaya, Klang je ponn tapi sudah tak dapat ketemu hari2. Then they al went out together with meksuhaini, mekshaza. excluded me. Alone in small house ,with valueable movie as spiritual secret in business for me to refer. Thanks Yaya providing me streaming video in youtube! ';)

Cerita ini banyak memberi inspirasi kepada sesiapa yang amat minat untuk berniaga, tak suka makan gaji! Tidak suka!! aha . Hero only 19 years old and try to change his life. A lot of barrier has facing & keep trying to get the best idea , finally hero found out.

Without expected, he affords to supply his product around the whole with this ages. Masha Allah. Kesungguhan yang tidak putus asa, Allah bagi jalan & rezeki di pengakhiran. "Failure is the best experience to be expect".

Dan aku ponn saja nak try, betol ke mamat ni dah berjaya supply his product around the world include Malaysia. The main store as distributor is Seven Eleven. I love to research & study about them. Then I go to section 14 SEVEN ELEVEN.



Salute bro Tae Kae Noi! Memandangkan aku tak tahu nama & sifat malas nak google. With aiming 1 Million per year, target reached! Friends, try this! Sure u all akan jadi addicted. aha

MOTIF : Jangan putus asa.Keep it up!

Thanks for reading this entry!

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