Aimaan Ahmad: June 2010

Jun 29, 2010

what makes a man

Since I stayed away from my beloved family, many things must be handled by myself even its about my life. It's happen when my mum and dad put me a trust on what I've done..

But sometimes, unhappy feeling will comes when looking my friend's life.. it was happen.
is it reasonable?...tettt.

when we feel young, doesn't look matured enough,
but we think about our health

As a muslim, I should think in positive way. Everything happens it was God
's created... but now, all those negative thinking shouldn't occur...yeahh!! all happens must be followed some "hikmah" from God..
Believe yourself..:)

I was thinking, why I'm writing all those thing here... let's me share some advice if u want to improve yourself even me...:P
all started from ourself,.. if I changes my attitude a little bit by time to time will leading a big changes in life.. activity to find "remis" at Sabak Bernam..

In my life, my lovely motivator is definitely my sweet mum.. she always besides me and keep reminding me about my future.. sometimes, I have to outsource motivation from video, find out great man as my reference, read some books, etc...

Human can't makes their minds, attitude and behavior being consistently...Am I right?
By reading, u can learn something new but I don't say only by reading...
just read anything even u are not really well known about it,but trying to finish it..
it helps you!really!
maybe helping u in improving ur vocabulary, grammar, knowledge...perhaps!:)

When a new year coming, we always drafting some planning for the whole month in becoming year.. but do u stick on that, might be postponed at a certain part, or changes minds..
we just want to achieve what we dreams,wants, & success...

Btw, we should take look on our health..
then, start to care on diet menu...jog with friends,housemates,or colleagues..
do u realize, when we get fresh air in the morning, our mind can think effectively..
no headache on that day!!!:)

That what human being life...

Jun 28, 2010

money in hands

Hi guys,

Having a nice day today to everyone...hehehe..

Today is Ain's offday..!! tidakkkk seronok!
no ones can i disturb today..then i walked to Sri Kulai again..n again...
well! the same thing will do..gossipin',talkin' but here, got a new staff from Kulai,Johor..just get know him and eating some keropok cuttlefish..
i used my rest time for doing such thing..:) i tidakk mengular..:P

~This is AIN that i was told u~

28th JUNE 2010..
Jaya One Management or Tetap Tiara suppose to debit into my CIMB account..huh!!
pity to Nana..she keeps checking her account to know how much she will earn for June salary.. actually,me tooo~:) Ain tooo~:)

We just want to know even we don't have anything to buy for...
Curiosity feeling.. I'm sure,.all of u will do the same thing like me if u r in the first month of ur job..:P

now is my turn to incharge the info counter at night. so, I'll punch card at 1.30pm & 10.30pm..Thats will happen for a week..huh..

what the best thing when workin' at night is..u will back early with a reason,u r female... dangerous sitting alone at basement carparkk..:( kan Ain kan..

what the worst things are... it might have some people who will disturb u,& wanna use the pc. then, it hard to find people for replacing me awhile when I'm going to surau for perform the solah..:P.. but till now, still got people will replace it..

To Zouq..
Thanks a lot by my side in many times..
be patient,.u'll get the letter from govt..
I'll pray for u..:)

Jun 27, 2010

Sunday moments

Hi guys!!

Today is SUNDAY but I 'm spending a whole time at the workplace. Great!!
when i woke up from my lovely bed, looking around in my room.All my housemates still on their beds making a long journey with their dreams...arghh..
I had caught into jealousy feeling now!

The great day like today, I suppose to do like a picture above such window shoppin', might be watch a movie, go to Plaza Alam Sentral for playing bowling, or weekend cleaning,perhaps.. but all those activities will be done after getting my first salary.. hopefully..:P

I just wore a white shirt with a red rose jacket and put a shawl then, make me feel comfortable to go to Jaya One Shopping Complex. I had been arrived at the information Counter at 8.30 am sharply.. hehehe. well! I'm a good time management person...

Then, after preparing all stuffs on the table, connecting the internet with the comp, turn on the switch for PA system, and make some checking on the whole area in the block E building. So,my job is done for morning preparations... hehe :)

Everyday when i'm working on morning shift, I will go to Sri Kulai Shop to find my friend,Kak Akmar. As usual, we'll gossiping about the bed time story or last day story..
well, working here having a lot of challenges in facing people not even customers.
Some people do a bad attitude toward us..

There are such attitudes/environments that making me scary, pity, crazy, lazy n sad:

** Release their angry or anything at the info counter.
** Do/show words or acts in sexual harassment way...yark! gilo apo!
** Famous amos smell disturb Ain account.kahkahkah..tapi x jadi atas hasutan positif AIMAN..
** Because of nearest to COLD STORAGE, GUARDIAN, OR OTHER TENANTS... We, AIN & AIMAN investing a lot of money to expense in our wants.
** Most of employees( tidak berkaitan dgn yang hidup atau mati) tend to spend their time with us without any intention... tp AIN suke dgn muke yang stress..:)
p/s: pity to Kak Akmar, be a good listener for us..

So, This is more than enough for today..
later on , I'll share about our journey to be CUSTOMER SERVICE OFFICER again..:)

Jun 22, 2010

abigsmile come back~

Setelah sminggu lebih jarak dr post pertama sy, br skrg sy "bloging" balik..
banyak sgt hal yg blaku dlm bbrp hr ni..
hari2 sperti biasa,bangun pg, bsiap2 memasak n terus ke tmpat keje..
haha.. bila smp tmpt keje, mula la bosan xtawu nk buat ape...
termenung sna sinun..

sy sudah anta surat 'resign'..huhuhu
kali ni sy bernekad.. sy xbleh tahan keje yang sgt relaz mcm skrg..
mgikut surat tu, sy akn benti dlm 15 hb july...
mungkin akan lebey awal,.kalu ade staff br msuk...:P

Ni career sy..
untuk mencapai KEJAYAAN,kite seharusnye membayarnye dgn satu nilai iaitu PENGORBANAN..
PENGORBANAN dr segi tenaga, masa, n perasaan....:)
sy pon memilih jalan untuk bertukar kerja..

dan yang penting,..
sy bkerja di SHAH ALAM..
jauh jgk sbnr nye dr rumah sy d PJ HILTON tu..

tetapi minat sy tetap bjalan sperti biasa cume blom post yang sume jahitan sy ,.mgkin malam ni sy postpicture tu..I'ALLAH.

xsabar nk tnujuk korang sume hasil kerja sy...
nati,.jgn la lupe berkomen2 ng sy..
bkongsi idea n kritikan dr kamu semua..

Jun 12, 2010

My First Step!

Assalamualaikum semua!!

Hari ini merupakan hari pertama saya ingin mem'blog'kan kreativiti saya.. Semuanya bermula atas bersebab minat yang mendalam, ntah kenape aktiviti menjahit manik ni merupakan satu cara untuk saya mhilangkan stress sedangkan mereka semua di luar sna pasti memilih menonton wyg, bermain bowling, bersukan, & sbagainya. Tak skema kan sya,.hehe:)

saya mula menjahit ini semenjak sekolah lagi,tetapi ini semua hanya lah utk kepuasan diri sndiri shj, saya akan rs gembira mlihat benda yang cantik stelah siap dihasilkan..:)

saya sememang nya menharapkan sokongan dr anda semua...!

Pilihlah hasil sentuhan tangan saya untuk mencantik kan baju2 di hari gembira anda semua..:) senyum selalu!

salam perkenalan,

aiman~ 12.06.2010

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