Aimaan Ahmad: what makes a man

Jun 29, 2010

what makes a man

Since I stayed away from my beloved family, many things must be handled by myself even its about my life. It's happen when my mum and dad put me a trust on what I've done..

But sometimes, unhappy feeling will comes when looking my friend's life.. it was happen.
is it reasonable?...tettt.

when we feel young, doesn't look matured enough,
but we think about our health

As a muslim, I should think in positive way. Everything happens it was God
's created... but now, all those negative thinking shouldn't occur...yeahh!! all happens must be followed some "hikmah" from God..
Believe yourself..:)

I was thinking, why I'm writing all those thing here... let's me share some advice if u want to improve yourself even me...:P
all started from ourself,.. if I changes my attitude a little bit by time to time will leading a big changes in life.. activity to find "remis" at Sabak Bernam..

In my life, my lovely motivator is definitely my sweet mum.. she always besides me and keep reminding me about my future.. sometimes, I have to outsource motivation from video, find out great man as my reference, read some books, etc...

Human can't makes their minds, attitude and behavior being consistently...Am I right?
By reading, u can learn something new but I don't say only by reading...
just read anything even u are not really well known about it,but trying to finish it..
it helps you!really!
maybe helping u in improving ur vocabulary, grammar, knowledge...perhaps!:)

When a new year coming, we always drafting some planning for the whole month in becoming year.. but do u stick on that, might be postponed at a certain part, or changes minds..
we just want to achieve what we dreams,wants, & success...

Btw, we should take look on our health..
then, start to care on diet menu...jog with friends,housemates,or colleagues..
do u realize, when we get fresh air in the morning, our mind can think effectively..
no headache on that day!!!:)

That what human being life...

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