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Jun 28, 2010

money in hands

Hi guys,

Having a nice day today to everyone...hehehe..

Today is Ain's offday..!! tidakkkk seronok!
no ones can i disturb today..then i walked to Sri Kulai again..n again...
well! the same thing will do..gossipin',talkin' but here, got a new staff from Kulai,Johor..just get know him and eating some keropok cuttlefish..
i used my rest time for doing such thing..:) i tidakk mengular..:P

~This is AIN that i was told u~

28th JUNE 2010..
Jaya One Management or Tetap Tiara suppose to debit into my CIMB account..huh!!
pity to Nana..she keeps checking her account to know how much she will earn for June salary.. actually,me tooo~:) Ain tooo~:)

We just want to know even we don't have anything to buy for...
Curiosity feeling.. I'm sure,.all of u will do the same thing like me if u r in the first month of ur job..:P

now is my turn to incharge the info counter at night. so, I'll punch card at 1.30pm & 10.30pm..Thats will happen for a week..huh..

what the best thing when workin' at night is..u will back early with a reason,u r female... dangerous sitting alone at basement carparkk..:( kan Ain kan..

what the worst things are... it might have some people who will disturb u,& wanna use the pc. then, it hard to find people for replacing me awhile when I'm going to surau for perform the solah..:P.. but till now, still got people will replace it..

To Zouq..
Thanks a lot by my side in many times..
be patient,.u'll get the letter from govt..
I'll pray for u..:)


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