Aimaan Ahmad: RSeries fever

Mar 19, 2015

RSeries fever

I never thought gonna be like this fever!

Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly in these few week. Order comes like thunderstorm. Then, we restocked again twice a week and again, all sold out! I would like to say thank you so much and wanna hug all of you :)

Seeing all responses texted via whatsapp #rseriesreview, I had tear of joys and feel thankful, you guys enjoy the smell too. The parfum, the body spray, the deodorant, the powder and the hotselling item, hand & body lotion. Mmuah!

The phenomenal was hilarious! We're still getting order on Facebook messenger & Instagram for R Series set thus we decided to do pre-order. The complete set of R Series will arrive before end this month, so those people wanted to order, you have to booking with payment.

The set is selling fast , unfortunately we have limited stock. Meanwhile, we take initiative to allocate the stock with this promotion price from booking order (with payment). For your information the promotion will end on 25th March 2015. The date is just around the corner.

 For those who don't know R Series set, its a set of luxurious personal care which has offer for 5 item in a set. The items are shown below:

1. R Series Powder
2. R Series Body Spray
3. R Series Eau de Parfum
4. R Series Hand & Body Lotion
5. R Series Deodorant

The smell is so good! :) eyes blinking with love. I know, your face likes " whatever Aiman, how we can smell it before order?". " I read your small little voice inside". Here's your reference. 

The smell can sustain for 24 hours.

I raise my hand, surrender to tell more. Wanna check my phone, why its keep vibrating. :)

Now, they're take pre-order for RSeries set only RM 29.90 per set.
Check it out RSERIES to order or whatsapp them +601129040645

So you have more than 5 days to suprise your love one with lovely parfum. Supriseeeeeeeeee!!

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