Aimaan Ahmad: Unpredictable outing

Jun 22, 2011

Unpredictable outing

As usual, when woke up in the morning, all housmates already went out for work. But I, " em. Dah pagi. Apa nak buat ye hari ni". Then sharply thinking what I want to do to fulfill my day with beneficial thing. Look like today no event to cover the news. Eheee. Sebenarnya ada, But last night I'm back home late because of attended to Universal Nite & Showcase 2011. Do u remember that, I already talking about it in previous entry HERE.

Then home cleaning. Facebook-ing.Clothes washing by machine. Up to flooding in my house. aha. Well good person handle washing machine until mereka( mesin Haeir automatic) tidak bekerjasama. Ya Allah, nak bagi saya fit ye! Tambah lagi satu keje. Mengemop. Serapkan air dengan surat khabar. Satu keje aku mcm bibik indon dah.

1ish ( Jam satu dalam bahasa brunei) petang , Ekin called me, asking me either want to going out accompany her shopping office stuff or not. Ofcos la I accept, btw I was thinking about going out to pick up parcel at my office The Garden. sekali harung je kan. =)

Traffic jammed encourage me to press camera button. Keep smiling =)

To be honest, the event should be covered today held in Midvalley Mall. When reached there, I was wondering, Kenapa sangat bising ni at the center court. aha.. Press Conference Samsung Galaxy S II. A lot of peoples crowded area to see what going on. Definitely the gadget awesome/ great/ gorgeous/ marvelous/bukan delicious bebeh. Korang rasa??????

Center court Midvalley Mall

Samsung tak best. Pujuk hatiku.

From here, straight away to Kl Sentral. Attend to MRCB event which is " Excellence Staff Award" with Ekin ( people say we're twin). Maybe the size of body. Talking about the event. MRCB ( Malaysia Resource Corporation Berhad ) celebrating and rewarding to the staff who working as excellent with full of commitment. Its called token of appreciation.

The winner announced will get:

Umrah Package worth RM5000
Samsung Galaxy Tab
3 days unrecordable holiday
Individual record in HR Dept

Excellence Staff Award

Dasyat! Dasyat! Bukan senang nak dapat. Sambil bekerja , datang rezeki durian runtuh. Yela, Kerja betol2, appreciate customer will be appreciated. Tahniah Pemenang!

Chance to grab stuff tak boleh di tinggalkan. Tengok sebelah ada beg plastik berbungkus. Bukan bungkusan bayi yang dijumpai. Bukan tin-tin dikutip untuk dijual semula. A gorgeous black Jacket. Later I post up a picture. =) Nice. Melampau ye MissAimaan.

Thanks for reading this entry!

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