Aimaan Ahmad: invitation again!!

Feb 6, 2011

invitation again!!

yes2...! balik je dari kelantan. i got this invitation. mesti la nak g kan.
jom serbu!!!
you are invited to the 3D Press Preview of SANCTUM.
RSVP your attendance, drop me an email or sms.
From Executive Producer JAMES CAMERON
Creator of TITANIC and AVATAR
......Date: 11 Feb 2011 (Fri)
Time: 10.30am
Venue: GSC Mid
tak sabar nak melaayaannnnnn cite ni..:)
meh i kasi gambaran sket..
ape benda psl ini movie.......

Master diver Frank McGuire has explored the South Pacific's Esa-ala Caves for months. But when his exit is cut off in a flash flood, Frank's team - including 17-year-old son Josh and financier Carl Hurley - are forced to radically alter plans. With dwindling supplies, the crew must navigate an underwater labyrinth to make it out. Soon, they are confronted with the unavoidable question: Can they survive, or will they be trapped forever?

Logline: A deep-sea diving team, headed by a father and son, get trapped in an underwater cave system and face a two-day battle for survival
Genres: Action/ Adventure, Drama and Thriller
Running time : 1hr 43 min
Release date: February 4th, 2011

sedang bersabarrrrrrrr..... nak makan free skali :) dgn harapan ada la..


  1. Man...

    mcm mne ko bley dpt muvi invitatn ni?kagum ak...hihi^^

  2. sygku ayong.. i do bsnes.then they'll invite for preview. kalu rezki.every muvie kt gsc.


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