Aimaan Ahmad: Anggur!! sedap bukan..tapi saya taknak tanam anggur..

Dec 17, 2010

Anggur!! sedap bukan..tapi saya taknak tanam anggur..

I just thinking what next in my life. A friday morning was a wonderful. A birthday celebration for Abg Shuk & Wan in December, ::HAPPY BIRTHDAY:: plus to celebrate me & sue regarding our practical training here only 5 days more to go. thats mean only 5 days will end my studying period. I feel really happy & thank god, it was a gift to me.

I'm very lucky doing practical here. enjoyable, happy, they were awesome, totally best for me. A piece of sad has created in the inner of my heart. Thank uols. :)

those practical students in Finance Dept.
(ayu sungguh)

For the first time, I came here. I was calculating the day to finish my study. but by knowing them deeply, the time has run quickly without conscious. The learning process, job training , else doesn't enough yet till now. A lot of things I need to learn. My lovely supervisor & colleagues had given me a spacious space here just a priceless moment. stop! enough for that, then tears will come out.

a delicious breakfast for u!

Sometimes, i think what will happen next after this? searching for job, tanam anggur, eatsleep.
does a terrible time was coming next? oh no! pray for me..I dun want to burden my parents anymore. They had sacrificed for me in a longer period. arigato gozaimasu.:)

they focused while i'm speaking..

For info, i didn't apply any job yet. it my bad. let think positive again. A god will helps me in hope. my plan is I will follow my mum suggestion for time being. she's instinct was really good. but now, my mum had suggested me to be GuruSandaranTakTerlatih.if is a chance.

do I matured already?haha.. just 22 years old. it was terrible thinking like child. but still looks sweet 17 never ending..young lady. apayangsayacubamelalutni. back to the topic.

people out there.if u have any vacancy to offer, let me know. Business doesn't run very well if start now.that what i'm thinking. so, stabilizing life first.then expand the money while looking for a man.teheeeee.

P/S: promise!! I'll put our snapshoot later on.if mind just remind me.


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