Aimaan Ahmad: here, about loan!

Dec 17, 2010

here, about loan!

hi guys! now, i'm feeling to share something about loan. Loan is something that we borrow the money from the stakeholders such bank or financial agencies.but not loan shark! its dangerous.
when heard about loan, what a first impression u had been thought? a bad thing?or vice versa.its good if we can manage it well. by loan,we got own asset.if u use it for expanding the asset. use it for investing might help u for the future if u're great investor.

There are some suggestion before u want to invest in property:
## Do a lot of research
## Going to the unit, check its value & double check with the agent.
## check the latest /market price.
## get to know the surroundings, available amenities.
## talk to the potential neighbours &
## also can listen to the banker 0r lawyer if they are working in property.

seronok bukan dikelilingi begini.
-courtesy from yahoo-

but.. think it for future. is it property for home sweet home 0r for rental? make it clear because u're borrowing the money from loan. if the plan doesn't work to generate money, how to pay loan.

another thing.if the bank had announced for decreasing an interest rate. u can manage to switch your current loan to a new loan. in fact, apply new loan with the lower interest rate.
these several good reason by doing that:

:: A lower monthly repayment
:: Save a thousand of ringgit on interest.
:: Reduce your term & pay off your mortgage earlier.
:: Convert your equity into cash.
:: Cash-out options will allow you to refinance your children's education & also to fund your business or investment.
:: Switch from conventional housing loan with variable rate to a fixed rate loan or islamic loan.

it enough already for today. all these from what i have read & learn. just wanna share with uols.

have a nice day guys! :)


  1. wahhhh..gud info aiman:)

    tapi risau juga bila buat loan lambat mahu reach the financial freedom:)

  2. bagus beb.. emm.. klu rajin bersedekah duit kite makin byk tau.. :)

  3. halia kentang @annapan: welcome2! :P

    alexa yussida: hehehe..kalu loan untuk kawen..mybe lmbt la reach financial freedom.. hehe..

    heidi shafiq: thanx.. byr zakat sekali.. pastu amik insurance. kalu mampu yg tu..zon selamat dah kot bla ade mslh kesihatan.


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