Aimaan Ahmad: Build rapport with LisaSurihani.

May 2, 2011

Build rapport with LisaSurihani.

who's here is the biggest fan of LisaSurihani?

Do you think Lisa looks sweet everytime everywhere?

Anyone have met her before for real?

huh!! stop asking the question here!

And why i'm kepoh kepoh disini pasal Lisa Surihani. she's not my fan. ofcoursela kau bukan artist. Is it Lisa is your neighbour? oh. still the answer is not. But she is my sistar.

But da way, to be part of Lisa's sistar, guys must click "LIKE" on LipIce Malaysia Facebook. Then ask to Lisa question. Who is the luckiest person in giving question, Lisa will be answer the question everyday. Don't wait!! Let's ask her.... Even you do not think your question will be answer.

Don't shy to like snap above.Klik "LIKE".

ASK LISA starts today!

I just put my comment below the video. Even my question doesn't sound professional like other pengomen. Saja suka-suka. Holiday just bored day only today. I do not have any plan. Then ask Lisa feel better rather than click one by one picture friend of mine. Dalam hati jeles melihat gambar mereka bercuti.

_______________________so my ques sound like this_____________________

hi Lisa, how are u today???? should be great always ya!! To be honest, i like the way u 're. And my question is " how u feel when u consistently use LipIce???

Kindly click "LIKE" below my comment. To do so, U must be my friend first at MY FACEBOOK. Then the shout out appears on my wall. Thanks for those click it as per request. Love uols my sistar!

Nurul Aiman

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atau anda boleh juga klik pada link sebelah ni FB missaimaan

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