Aimaan Ahmad: Now Everyone Can "Jual Online" to The World

Mar 9, 2011

Now Everyone Can "Jual Online" to The World

Hi guys. How your day? is it great like usual..Keep A smile can be two smiles.

I just found something that can helps people yang baru nak berjinak-jinak mencari side income melalui online. There is a perfect online store builder which call This one of way to create your online business as easy as simple.Then can reach to world customer. Cayalah!!:)

To view website, Click Picture above!:)

Let see what the owner of store say,

"As the order and payment mechanism used in is very systematic, clients are confident to purchase the clothes I sell. They can track the status of their purchase right up to delivery. For me, I get to see who my returning customers are and what are my best selling products." Nurhasilah Haris -

The best thing is we can take a look many many online store samples created on
Patut tengok ni guys.. Dorang memang superb teror la buat online store.
Click for visit ##


  1. info bagus ni.thx for sharing..kawan aku suh tolong jualkan barang die..dis one is better than using blogger..

  2. i've already sign up store with this site..but im found difficulty to manage the store..any suggestion of tutorial to manage this site??


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