Aimaan Ahmad: Kelindan lori terjun bidang perniagaan

Jan 4, 2015

Kelindan lori terjun bidang perniagaan

At my shoplot row, new business entrant came in. I called him uncle. He sold steamed corn from Vietnam and Cameron. He sold it in just 7 days, he already got corn vibes and can sell 300 pcs per day. This is miracle.

I approached him to park his motorbike stall in front of my premise. We are creating new market at the row and assumed the more the merrier.

Previously the uncle was working as a lorry driver and now decided to venture into business because it enabled him to spend more time with his family. I agreed with him.

As time passed by, I planned to teach the uncle about real business and concept of modal canvas business.

I hope that whatever i have planned can be real one day, as i would very much love to help other Muslims grow economically. Alhamdulillah. Praise to Allah..

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