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Jan 4, 2015

Resolution 2015

Hi , Assalamualaikum. What's up?! Apa habaq?! By the way, Happy New Year Everyone. Time flies so fast and today 4th January 2015 already. I hope everyone are doing well. Setiap kali tahun baru pasti semua antara kita excited to write the resolution, ada yang masih mimpi dan ada yang sudah mencapai impian mereka. " Azam tahun baru aku untuk mengadakan azam pada tahun ini". Ada juga yang berjenaka sebegitu.

Syukur Alhamdulillah. Year 2014 has been nice to me. I've been achieved almost all dreams and this year 2015, I am upgrading my resolution to be a better person to my family and community. I really want to help others in many ways as I can.

Attached herewith is a few photo during Hi Tea Event at my favourite workplace. Saya tidak menyangka customer tidak mengira bangsa dan agama turut datang untuk menyokong event saya. Syukur Alhamdulillah. Gambar pertama saya bersama anak business partner. He can sing for 2 hours, its amazing! High energy with good health. 

 Empayar Aimaan Group is growing up! Alhamdulillah :)

 For that event, I woke up early because I am preparing all food specifically italian food and pemanis mulut. We serve spageti Bolognese as main food. Look, my colleague sudah tak boleh bercakap apabila makan. Definitely this is a picture! :P

 Next event, I hope I can invite all of you in big event. Mudahan Allah permudahkan urusan kita. This banner prepared by my business partner who attend to my shop as trainee for a month. 

Actually resolution 2015 is more achievable when we write it. and please put the date when you gonna achieve it. Lets do it !!!

Happy New Year 2015! Be healthy, Be wealthy, Be happy!

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