Aimaan Ahmad: Mawi " Idolaku Album" CONTEST!!

Jan 28, 2011

Mawi " Idolaku Album" CONTEST!!


1. brings you the original album of Mawi, your idol singer in Malaysia. Get your 1st latest album of 'Idolaku' with Mawi original signature on the cover of album now.

2. Invite 5 of your friends at facebook to SIGN UP FREE with Newskaki Network
Name any track of songs in the Idolaku Album, with a short creative wish of Why you love to hear Mawi songs? (Lest than 10 words).

3. Then, the album 'Idolaku' is yours. *For users that has the most creative way of making it true!

*This Mawi 'Idolaku' with original signature is a special gift from to fans.

Contest starts : 28 January 2011
Contest ends 10 February 2011

Winner will be publish at our website and Facebook fans page.

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