Aimaan Ahmad: What your money target?? Jawab-dalam-masa-DUA-minit

Sep 30, 2010

What your money target?? Jawab-dalam-masa-DUA-minit

One step at a time.The way that you managed the money flow can help a lil bit to get better life. Many people was facing kebocoran-wang cause they're manage the money flow unsystematically.
In money management, we should have target for what we want to use with that money.

There are some example target that we want to::

:: buy a house & more
:: buy a car ,might be more
:: have own lands
:: further studies
:: married
:: honeymoon
:: going to Makkah
:: travelling- korea, japan, AEU & etc
:: so on

see my friend enjoyed their graduation -gambarhiasan-

This is clear. Once we have clear target to achieve & set a time for it. Surely, it would help to achieve your dreams time by time. Eg: you want to perform pilgrims for next 3 year. if you spend it consistently, definitely your dreams come true.

Share: Some takaful plan can help you to perform "umrah" in every 3 years.
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