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Apr 9, 2013

International Halal Showcase


 I wanna make quick update regarding an event I had attended on last friday. I'm talking about 10th International Halal Showcase at Kuala Lumpur Convention Center (KLCC). An event purpose to spearheading the global halal business which there's a lot of company participated to create awareness toward their product. 

Actually, I came here with my closed friend, syikin. We came to the event at the wrong time. teheee~ well on friday, only business people that bring their company namecard and student can enter to the hall. Us, just like a visitor can visit them on saturday. Then we are pretending as student, buat muka blur blur itik masuk laut. ahahaha. :) I didn't bring my business card along. that funny !!!


YEAH ! We have to stick this MIHAS sticker anywhere at body, as long the bodyguard at the entrance can see it. She chose to stick on wrist, but mine, on my cloth.  Then I lost it . :)

why?! why?! why I am super excited to attend this event? 

** I can meet a lot of new friend.
** Exchange business card, it suppose to do. But me, collecting all business card for future used
** Looking around, enjoying food tester, getting info
** Observing the marketeer strategy to approach new potential customer. promotion, discount, packaging etc.
** Plan to join this event next 11th International Halal Showcase, Insya ALLAH.

Please make dua' for me sayang sayang sekalian !

Met Tiz Zakiah.
If I'm not wrong, a new product from KFCH marketing. 

Many multinational company had joined that event. An attractive packaging make people confident on your product. This is about GLOBAL PACKAGING.

Btw, this event also a platform to new company / product to enter our Malaysia market. Most of product that being introduced to me from our neighbor country, they 're still working out to enter our market. well! they must go through the procedure of halal certificate etc.

I used my time here to communicate with other people from other country such Belgium, China, Taiwan, Arab Emirate United etc. AHAHAHA. A man from Belgium tergamak promotes his company chocolate is better than our Malaysian product. How dare him making this statement ! 
pity him. sebab a practical student came here without friend. Then keje dia kt booth , cutting a bar of chocolate into small pieces for food tester. :) 


Shikin enjoyed food testing too much. We were stopped to pick a food tester almost all booth in the hall 1. There have another 4 hall to go. Hebat ! Memang agak sengkak perut masa ni. 

allana ! Largest exporter of frozen halal boneless meat from India.

Dulu-dululah, ayah kita ada jual ini allana. Tetapi masa tu aku fikir ini product  made in Malaysia. 
Dapatlah juga kita berkongsi info bersama ya!

Basicly, tujuan aku datang sini hanya untuk meningkatkan ilmu, mendapatkan pendedahan dalam perniagaan, bagaimana proses import eksport terjadi, etc. Jadi sangatlah berpuas hati bila dah berjaya menjejakkan kaki di klcc. klcc woiiiiiii !

orang kl rasa biasa biasa je. Alhamdulillah. tamatlah perkongsian daku ~ salam semua !

Thank for reading this entry !

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