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Oct 28, 2010

..what she's doing every morning...

arrived in office around 7.30 am.. opened a big mac lappy..yeahh!! surving internet la..
there, some url that she likes to visit..

1. http://

it should be take look every morning.. to see what other blogger have updated their news.. so enjoyed be silent readers of them..haha.. i ever found out a blogger who really write his diary of life in blog. but the blog was so sympatic to about his life.but i dun know who is he actually..

(tak perlu gambar hiasan kot)
another url.. haha.. enjoyed read their updated status & reply testi. a lot of expression was came out from their updating status.. there's angry,happy,sad & moreover.. but i like to know them..


here.. many news regarding our world!! pity to Indonesia.. let's pray for them! :)


irfan khairi's blog!! huh!.he's so motivated person. i want to be like him.. as human..we should think as positive as can.. by reading her blog. i'll get some motivation mind set every morning..lalala..continue smiling..:P


che-det a.k.a my idol/tun.dr.mahathir. his writting has revealed what he thinking.. thank Tun! u 've sacrified for us!! may GOD always bless u !!!:)

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