Aimaan Ahmad: Thank Dr Gucharan!! arigato...

Oct 25, 2010

Thank Dr Gucharan!! arigato...

dONE aLREADY!! He came to my place... DrGucharan is my lecturer, he's evaluating me in industrial training.. it show that i'm good in giving him direction here..haha.. around 9.ooam.he's already inside my office..too shocked actually after i got miscalled from unknown number.. to call back,.huh, like normal. i dun have any credit to bf. sila lol..ngee:P

i just carry along my hs..he might call again i think..the best thing is. he thought that i'm Nurul Aimi.. that the next person he'll observe. huhu.. thats why the whole staff in my ofis doesn't know... what happen if i never seen DrGucharan before? balik tgn kosong la jwb nye.

anyway, thanked to him. hopefully, all I.Training processes running smoothly.. he's and my supervisor evaluate me very well.. :) susah kan nk tamat belajar.. pasni tak tahu senang ke susah nk dapat kerja..yang penting!WAJIB mencube.

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